Portrait of a Wanna-Be Cowboy

I recently helped my husband with a ukulele video where he wore his straw hat and freshly grown “Novem-beard”, so I thought it would be fun to photograph him as a cowboy. I used 2 lights: a beauty dish with a 30-degree grid on the left, and a medium softbox on the right pointing slightly onto the grey background.   Here’s the video which is an original song that John wrote. He also played all of the instruments: ukulele, bass, shaky egg and mini theremin.

Little Girl with Great Big Plans Video

“Little Girl with Great Big Plans” was inspired 100% by Hailey Bartholomew and Sue Bryce, and their Creative Live workshop called “Promoting Your Studio with Video Showreels”. My video was an exercise in following their recipe (almost to the letter) and learning their technique. It was shot in 5 different locations over the course of 2 months, in between Mary’s school and dance schedule. We finished it up with a trip to New York City’s Times Square – where Mary hopes to continue her dancing career under the bright lights. Starring: Mary Markovitz. Music by Mindy Gledhill (Triple Scoop Music).