My iBook Portfolio

Here’s the iBook version of my portfolio on iTunes, with a kind review from One9Design. “Irene’s work is magical, whimsical, and surreal. The fact that this caliber of work is available for no cost is unbelievable. Get it now while you can. In a few years you will see this type of work on magazine covers and advertising some of the top brands. Irene is both an incredibly imaginative artist and someone who has the technical skills (behind the camera AND at the computer) to make her vision a reality. Exceptional work.”

Birds of a Feather…

A new image created with the help of my friend Paige, and her pet peacock, Kevin. Behind-the-scenes to come… (update: I got distracted and made an animated gif instead.)

The Little Bird Has Returned to the Nest

The young woman who left the nest last September to attend Cornell as a freshman has returned. Strong and proud. Rachel is an Engineering/Material Sciences major who aced all her classes while still managing to keep up her busy social life and blog. Now she’s back home, working at a local café, borrowing the car and having fun with old friends. Congrats, Rachel! This image is from a shoot we did a while back. As I did this one, I tried to pay attention to how I blend the hair (because most times I’m not really following a recipe, and …


One thing leads to another. Lighting dandelions on fire brought me to recognize the beauty of smoke. I used incense, and a black poster board for the background. One speed light was enough to light up the smoke without overexposing.

Dandelions on Fire!

So when your 15-year-old tells you that dandelions catch fire very easily, and shows you a cool picture on the internet, you have to try it for yourself, right?

Photography Headshot Posing Tip: “Do the Turtle?”

Directing a model is a skill that every photographer needs to have, and a recent shoot with Olivia gave me an opportunity to practice! One of the most important features of someone’s face is the jawline. Unfortunately, if a person sits or stands naturally, without direction, they usually don’t look their best on film. They have a tendency to lean back and smile. They may have a double chin or look like they’re slouching. As photographers, we need to direct people and help position them for the most flattering results. Doing “The Turtle” (made famous by top model, Tyra Banks) …

A Bird In The Hand

A photo illustration called “A Bird in the Hand”. This proverb refers back to medieval falconry where a bird in the hand (the falcon) was a valuable asset and certainly worth more than two in the bush (the prey). Other languages and cultures have their own version of this proverb, notably the Czech ‘Lepsi vrabec v hrsti nez holub na strese’ (A sparrow in the fist is better than a pigeon on the roof.). This was a really fun assignment that forced me to drive around my hometown and photograph fields, trees, goats, sheep and flowers. The pheasant head and …

Sister Butterfly

“The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity.” ~ George Carlin This is Rachel’s portrait, a companion piece to Abigail’s butterfly portrait. Now if I could just get their brother to agree to model as a dragonfly… The stages of a butterfly portrait.