Photograph: Bottles with Smoke

I recently joined the North Haven Camera Club and participated in my first group competition – the theme was “Bottles”. Step one was finding some interesting old bottles, so I called my neighbors Lynne and Deb who used to own Azteca’s Restaurant in New Haven. Their house is filled with wonderful treasures from many years of collecting, and they loaned me a few old bottles with probably decades worth of authentic dust and grime. Bottles with Smoke Below are behind-the-scenes shots. I used black glass for the base, red matte board for the background, and a snooted and gelled flash …


One thing leads to another. Lighting dandelions on fire brought me to recognize the beauty of smoke. I used incense, and a black poster board for the background. One speed light was enough to light up the smoke without overexposing.

Dandelions on Fire!

So when your 15-year-old tells you that dandelions catch fire very easily, and shows you a cool picture on the internet, you have to try it for yourself, right?