“Man in the Red Jacket” PDF Download

A behind-the-scenes look at “The Man in the Red Jacket”. All of the images in this book were created while participating in Don Giannatti’s Project 52 PRO workshop, using techniques and Photoshop tricks I’ve learned from him, and others online over the past two years, like: • Joel Grimes • David Hobby • Brooke Shaden • Miss Aniela • Erik Almas • Bill Gekas • Regina Pagles • Sue Bryce I hope this book is an inspiration for those like me, who love to see behind the scenes. To download a PDF of the book, click the link or image …

My First Try at an Animated GIF

I already loved Photoshop before making this animated GIF, but now I REALLY, REALLY love it! The timeline in CC is very intuitive and makes it easy to keep layers organized. The only thing I had to Google, was how to “rotate” key frames in the timeline. Not just change their position, opacity or style. It turns out, that layer in question needs to be converted to a Smart Object first. Then the “transform” option magically appears in the key frame menu, and replaces the “position” option.  This seems a bit silly to me, and hopefully it’s something the PS …

“Between Two Rocks” Photoshop Tutorial

A 4-minute tutorial showing Photoshop compositing and masking techniques using the brush and pen tools, as well as how to composite flying hair using the Blend – Multiply settings. The “Hair” portion starts around 1:58. Model: Abigail Connolly Music by: KGB – “Call It a Night” Used with permission through Triple Scoop Music. Between 2 Rocks and a Hot Place -Photoshop Tutorial by Irene Liebler from Irene Liebler on Vimeo. Here’s the original image and the original blog post:    

Between Two Rocks and a Hot Place

I’ve had the phrase: “Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place” stuck in my head for a while, and had the idea to do this shot. Thanks to Abigail for posing, and for my friends Ralph and Alisha for the massive bonfire. We were at their house for Ralph’s 40th birthday party last weekend, and they had an enormous fire blazing just as I got there with my camera.

A Bird In The Hand

A photo illustration called “A Bird in the Hand”. This proverb refers back to medieval falconry where a bird in the hand (the falcon) was a valuable asset and certainly worth more than two in the bush (the prey). Other languages and cultures have their own version of this proverb, notably the Czech ‘Lepsi vrabec v hrsti nez holub na strese’ (A sparrow in the fist is better than a pigeon on the roof.). This was a really fun assignment that forced me to drive around my hometown and photograph fields, trees, goats, sheep and flowers. The pheasant head and …

Who’s Afraid of a Little Fish?

The dark ocean So mysterious And beautifully terrifying. When I was six-and-a-half my parents took me to see JAWS on the big screen. Needless to say, I think I was permanently damaged. The most gruesome part of the film that stuck in my memory is the floating leg after it’s been bitten off. I know the statistics about shark attacks… and that you’re more likely to die from a falling coconut, but that doesn’t change anything in my head. I’m skittish about swimming in the sea, but I still go in every summer, always keeping watch beneath the waves. Looking …

Burger Float

My latest image of the Man in the Red Jacket had strange beginnings. It went from being a menu cover design with flames, a flying Miata,  and red hot type to a simple, square, whimsical image. Same burger, two very different uses. Here are both images: I shot the burger through a piece of clear plexiglass from below (just imagine the plate is a burger…).