“Swan Night” 2016 Picture of the Year

This image of my friend Marcelle won Picture of the Year in the Fine Art category at the North Haven Camera Club. Congrats to EVERYONE! It was a fun year of learning and sharing. Here’s a gif showing the different layers. All original photos. Natural window light. I live on a lake with lots of wildlife and was able to get these swans in flight as they started migrating south for the winter.  

Live Photography Demo at North Haven Camera Club

In early November of 2014, I had my first-ever opportunity to do a LIVE photo shoot at the North Haven Camera Club, to show how I put together a series of images to build a final image. The concept for my proposed image was about college, and whether it was worth it. The idea was to show a teenager (my daughter, Olivia), standing on a stack of books, holding a coin under one arm – with hair flying, of course. Here’s my original sketch: Here are the source files: Here’s a set of images that imcludes the other pieces, including …