“Swan Night” 2016 Picture of the Year

This image of my friend Marcelle won Picture of the Year in the Fine Art category at the North Haven Camera Club. Congrats to EVERYONE! It was a fun year of learning and sharing. Here’s a gif showing the different layers. All original photos. Natural window light. I live on a lake with lots of wildlife and was able to get these swans in flight as they started migrating south for the winter.  

A New Photography Series: “Becoming Red”

I started a new series, with a new model (Abby), and a new theme. “Becoming Red” is about a girl becoming a woman. I know it’s been done before, especially Little Red Riding Hood, but I have to get it out of my head. My goal is to make 10 or 12 new images by the end of the year. Abby is my best friend’s daughter who has agreed to go on this journey with me. Abby is a talented dancer, musician, singer and theater performer who loves dressing up and being photographed – perfect! These photos were taken during …