The Many Faces of Mr. Biggles

Portrait Study: DAVID BAILEY This week’s featured photographer is David Bailey, a “problem” kid with dyslexia in 1960’s East London. After a series of dead end jobs, he served with the Royal Air Force in 1957 where he bought his first Rolleiflex camera. The 1966 film “Blowup”, depicts his life as a London fashion photographer and how he captured the culture of the “Swinging London” scene of the 60s. Some of his more famous photos are of celebrities including Terence Stamp, The Beatles, Mick Jagger, Jean Shrimpton, PJ Proby, Cecil Beaton, Rudolf Nureyev, Andy Warhol and notorious East End gangsters, …

“Winterized” Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Study: DAN WINTERS. Dan Winters is a famous American portrait photographer, illustrator, filmmaker who most recently shot Benedict Cumberbatch for TIME magazine. He knows how to control his light, and does brilliant things with color using film (not Photoshop!) I did my best to recreate his lighting on this first try, but have to admit that I used Photoshop (just a little). Here’s a link to Dan Winter’s website: (Thanks to John and Jack Liebler, and Justin Paglino for modeling!) Here’s my lighting setup showing how Dan Winters used black “flags” to block light and create shadows.