“Swan Night” 2016 Picture of the Year

This image of my friend Marcelle won Picture of the Year in the Fine Art category at the North Haven Camera Club. Congrats to EVERYONE! It was a fun year of learning and sharing. Here’s a gif showing the different layers. All original photos. Natural window light. I live on a lake with lots of wildlife and was able to get these swans in flight as they started migrating south for the winter.  

“Winterized” Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Study: DAN WINTERS. Dan Winters is a famous American portrait photographer, illustrator, filmmaker who most recently shot Benedict Cumberbatch for TIME magazine. He knows how to control his light, and does brilliant things with color using film (not Photoshop!) I did my best to recreate his lighting on this first try, but have to admit that I used Photoshop (just a little). Here’s a link to Dan Winter’s website: http://www.danwintersphoto.com/ (Thanks to John and Jack Liebler, and Justin Paglino for modeling!) Here’s my lighting setup showing how Dan Winters used black “flags” to block light and create shadows.

Is Someone Holding Your Feet to the Fire?

Sometimes our feet are held to the fire by others, and sometimes we have to hold our own feet to the fire. I prefer to be in charge of my own two feet. Another image from the series with Abigail Connolly. Featuring hot fire from my friend Ralph’s 40th birthday party, and cool clouds from a storm that blew through Guilford, Connecticut yesterday. Thanks again to Abby for playing the part so well, and to Olivia Liebler for her arm strength. See the setup shots below.  

The Little Bird Has Returned to the Nest

The young woman who left the nest last September to attend Cornell as a freshman has returned. Strong and proud. Rachel is an Engineering/Material Sciences major who aced all her classes while still managing to keep up her busy social life and blog. Now she’s back home, working at a local café, borrowing the car and having fun with old friends. Congrats, Rachel! This image is from a shoot we did a while back. As I did this one, I tried to pay attention to how I blend the hair (because most times I’m not really following a recipe, and …