Is Someone Holding Your Feet to the Fire?

Sometimes our feet are held to the fire by others, and sometimes we have to hold our own feet to the fire. I prefer to be in charge of my own two feet. Another image from the series with Abigail Connolly. Featuring hot fire from my friend Ralph’s 40th birthday party, and cool clouds from a storm that blew through Guilford, Connecticut yesterday. Thanks again to Abby for playing the part so well, and to Olivia Liebler for her arm strength. See the setup shots below.  

“Between Two Rocks” Photoshop Tutorial

A 4-minute tutorial showing Photoshop compositing and masking techniques using the brush and pen tools, as well as how to composite flying hair using the Blend – Multiply settings. The “Hair” portion starts around 1:58. Model: Abigail Connolly Music by: KGB – “Call It a Night” Used with permission through Triple Scoop Music. Between 2 Rocks and a Hot Place -Photoshop Tutorial by Irene Liebler from Irene Liebler on Vimeo. Here’s the original image and the original blog post:    

Between Two Rocks and a Hot Place

I’ve had the phrase: “Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place” stuck in my head for a while, and had the idea to do this shot. Thanks to Abigail for posing, and for my friends Ralph and Alisha for the massive bonfire. We were at their house for Ralph’s 40th birthday party last weekend, and they had an enormous fire blazing just as I got there with my camera.

Who’s Afraid of a Little Fish?

The dark ocean So mysterious And beautifully terrifying. When I was six-and-a-half my parents took me to see JAWS on the big screen. Needless to say, I think I was permanently damaged. The most gruesome part of the film that stuck in my memory is the floating leg after it’s been bitten off. I know the statistics about shark attacks… and that you’re more likely to die from a falling coconut, but that doesn’t change anything in my head. I’m skittish about swimming in the sea, but I still go in every summer, always keeping watch beneath the waves. Looking …

A New Photography Series: “Becoming Red”

I started a new series, with a new model (Abby), and a new theme. “Becoming Red” is about a girl becoming a woman. I know it’s been done before, especially Little Red Riding Hood, but I have to get it out of my head. My goal is to make 10 or 12 new images by the end of the year. Abby is my best friend’s daughter who has agreed to go on this journey with me. Abby is a talented dancer, musician, singer and theater performer who loves dressing up and being photographed – perfect! These photos were taken during …