Herb Ritts: A Legendary Photographer

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Herb Ritts: A Legendary Photographer

From selling rattan furniture to movie producers in West Hollywood in the late 70s, to shooting glamorous photos of his actor friends in the 80s, Herb Ritts carved out a beautiful life for himself… sadly it was cut short at age 50.

We’ve all seen his work, especially if you grew up in with Madonna, Prince, Janet Jackson and Brittany Spears. He’s known for his clean, minimalist, stark, black and white, graphic style. Often using the beaches of LA, and the desert sands as backdrops – creating sharp shadows with full sun.

Here’s the result of four hours of shooting with Jilian Grey, trying to capture the essence of photographer, Herb Ritts! It’s important to note that Jil is the amazing singer of Hot House Band, and is very comfortable in front of the camera. Very fun!

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