Butterfly Portrait with Rachel Connolly

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Butterfly Portrait with Rachel Connolly

Last week I did my first butterfly portrait with twelve-year-old Abigail Connolly. This week I had the opportunity to work with her older sister, Rachel, who was on spring break from Cornell. She’s been in my shots many times before (ie: Sign of the Times) and is always willing to model! We had two hours and I had lots of ideas for poses.

This image was done with a beauty dish from above, a bare speed light behind Rachel, a speed light with soft box on the right, slightly behind her (which is lighting up her left shoulder). The hair was lit with the beauty dish from above, and a softbox to the left.

• The clouds are from West Lake in Guilford, CT
• The branches from Chatfield Hollow, Killingworth, CT
• Butterflies from the Peabody Museum, New Haven


behind the scenes: Rachel Butterfly

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